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Monday, June 25, 2018
Doha Miles - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the “DOHA MILES” Program?  

  Which type of cards are included in the “DOHA MILES” Program?  

  How do I earn DOHA MILES?  

  Where can I redeem my DOHA MILES?  

  How soon can I use my DOHA MILES?  

  Do I need to contact anyone to use or activate my DOHA MILES?  

  Can I access my account via phone?  

  For how long is my membership valid?  

  If I do not activate my DOHA MILES account, will I still earn DOHA MILES  

  How do I know the total number of Miles currently available in my “DOHA MILES” Account?  

  If I have 10,000 DOHA MILES on my Visa Classic Credit Card and 5,000 on my Visa Platinum Credit Card, can I transfer my DOHA MILES between my Cards?  

  What is the validity of my DOHA MILES?  

  What will happen to my DOHA MILES if my card is lost / stolen?  

  What will happen if I do not pay my monthly credit card due amount / installment?  

  If I cancel any one of my credit cards that awards DOHA MILES, will the miles accumulated expire?  

  If I have cancelled a transaction, will the DOHA MILES earned for that transaction also be cancelled?  

  If I do not have sufficient DOHA MILES to complete a redemption for flights or hotels bookings, can I pay the difference in amount using my Doha Bank credit card?  

  What is the minimum number of DOHA MILES required to redeem my DOHA MILES on FREE Flights, Hotel Bookings?  

  Can my supplementary cardholder earn and redeem DOHA MILES?  

  Can I cancel my Doha Miles redemption for a free flight or Hotel?  

  Can I also earn DOHA MILES on transactions conducted on my corporate credit card(s) and on my cash advance, remittances and government payment transactions?  

How to Activate:

  How do I login to the DOHA MILES portal?   

Registration & Usage

  Can I use my Doha Bank Online banking credentials to transact on DOHA MILES website?  

  Do I need to activate/log-in separately on DOHA MILES website?  

  Is my e-mail address and mobile number required for my DOHA MILES account?  

  Where can I find my DOHA MILES Summary?  

Booking Flights

  Which all airlines and hotels, I can redeem my DOHA MILES?  

  Do I have to pay anything for booking the redemption tickets and hotel bookings?  

  Can I redeem my DOHA MILES for ticket and hotel booking for my family or friends?  

  How do I know my airline or hotel booking was confirmed?  

  What if I do not get a confirmation at the time of booking?  

  Can I book tickets for infants on DOHA MILES?  

  What is the maximum number of seats I can book?  

  I did a search for flight tickets and selected my flight. However, after providing the passenger details, I see that the fares have increased. Why?  

  How do I confirm my seat assignments?  

  How do I get a boarding pass for an e-ticket?  

  How do I find out my baggage limit?  

  I have booked my tickets but need to add my child's tickets to my booking. How do I do it?  

  How do I print my ticket?  

  Can I book a special request like meal, wheel chairs through DOHA MILES?  

  How do I change a flight reservation?  

Hotel Bookings

  Can more than two adults stay in one room?  

  Our children will be traveling with us - do they stay for FREE?  

  What if I need a specific type of hotel room (non-smoking, wheelchair friendly, etc.)?  

  How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?  

  What is my hotel's check-in time?  

  Will the hotel hold my room if I'm arriving late?  

  What if I am going to arrive early?  

  How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?  

  How do I cancel my hotel booking?  

  By when do I need to amend my hotel booking?  

  How will I get my DOHA MILES back after cancelling a hotel / air booking?  

Miles Exchange

  Apart from Flight and Hotel, can I transfer My DOHA MILES to other Frequent Flyer or Rewards Programs?  

  What is the minimum number of DOHA MILES required to transfer to the listed Miles Exchange Partners?  

  How do I transfer my DOHA MILES into these programs?  

  Do I need to have a membership with the Frequent Flyer Program or Retail Loyalty program that I wish to transfer my DOHA MILES to?  

  Can I purchase Frequent Flyer airline and Retail Loyalty points on DOHA MILES website with my Doha Bank Credit Card?  

  Can I redeem my DOHA MILES for conversion to any other airline’s Frequent Flyer Programs or Rewards Programs?  

  What is the value of each of the participating Miles Exchange Partner currency with respect to DOHA MILES.  

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